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We believe in providing great service for a great price. Please take a moment to review some of our prices in the chart below. For your convenience, we’ve included Best Buy/Geek Squad’s prices (as of July 2012). Please keep in mind that this list is not representative of all the services that we offer.

Consumer PC Services & Repair

Service: Clarksville PC Repair
Best Buy/Geek Squad
Clarksville PC Repair
Best Buy/Geek Squad
Computer Hook-up n/a n/a $150.00 $149.99
Computer Repair starting at $60.00 price varies starting at $150.00 starting at $129.99
Computer Tune-up $60.00 $99.99 $150.00 n/a
Data Recovery starting at $200.00 starting at $249.99 n/a n/a
Data Transfer $60.00 $99.99 $150.00 $199.99
Hardware Install $60.00 $49.99 $150.00 $149.99
Laptop Screen Replacement $60.00 + parts not listed n/a not listed
Laptop DC Jack Replacement $90.00 + parts not listed n/a not listed
Operating System Install $60.00 $129.99 $175.00 $249.99
Virus & Spyware Removal $60.00 $199.99 $200.00 $299.99
Wireless Networking n/a n/a $100.00 starting at $89.99

Small Business Technology Services

Our Small Business Technology Services are tailored for your needs, so please contact us if you need web site design, web site hosting, graphic design artwork for brochures, direct mail, signs, or 3D animation. We’ll be happy to provide you with a great quote!

Custom Computers

Custom PCs offer more performance for your dollar. Let us build your next PC! Whether you need a new high-performance gaming PC, a new home theater PC, or a barebones budget PC for home, we can build it.

All of our systems are built with the brand new parts. Your system will be configured and tested for optimal performance. We’ll load the applications you want, but leave off the annoying free-trials that will slow your system down. Contact us to get started!